10 tips for saving on fuel

Steve Huntingford (Editor for Telegraph Cars) has put together “10 fuel saving tips” that every driver should know.

Petrol and Diesel prices may have stopped increasing dramatically for the time being but we can all agree it is still a huge cost. Here are Steve’s 10 tips for saving fuel:

1. Make fewer trips
2. Dont drive in rush hour
3. Close the windows (and sunroof, if you have one)
4. Remove the roof rack or ski box
5. Dont carry round unnecessary weight
6. Accelerate smoothly
7. Don’t push the accelerator down too far
8. Turn the air-conditioning off
9. Stick to the speed limit
10. Check your tyre pressures regularly

For all the details on these tips, visit www.telegraph.co.uk. You can follow Steve Huntingford on twitter @swhuntingford.

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